What animals can eat Bonker Bites?

Bonker Bites are for CATS and DOGS and any other animal that wants to eat them.  Bonker Bites are 100% all-natural single ingredient, containing NO fillers-meaning NO gluten, NO preservatives, NO grains, NO soy and NO second ingredient.

Are Bonker Bites healthy?

Yes they are.  Because they are only dehydrated, nutrients are kept intact.  Our treats and chews are high in protein, low in fat, low in carbohydrates and contain NO unnecessary chemicals or additives.

Can I send in pictures or videos of my pet being BONKERS?

We absolutely encourage this.  You can submit them to us: support@bonkerbites.com or through our social media pages on Facebook, Youtube and TikToK.  We may be offering a contest for a lucky contributor to name our next treat.