About Us

We realized there must be better choices for pet treats and chews when our Labrador Retriever cracked a molar, incurring thousands of dollars in vet bills, from chewing on a manufactured, incredibly hard chew.  From the vet, “these shouldn’t even be on the market”.  

Finding a great quality, premium treat has been a challenge for pet parents.  Traditionally, they are unhealthy and packed with unpronounceable ingredients no pet should have to eat.

Our family fur babies deserve better thus creating BONKER BITES! We use only 100% all-natural USA sourced ingredients from the Midwest.  Our secret?  We use only the highest quality ingredients with NO fillers - meaning no grains, no gluten, no soy and no second ingredient.  The end result is an all-natural, nutrient rich, premium tasty treat for your pets.

We have taken the company a step further.  Having a background in school fundraising and raising over $20,000,000+ for organizations, we saw the immediate potential to give back.  We are disrupting the entire fundraising industry by offering schools and other organizations, the opportunity to earn profits from RETAIL priced products (no overpriced fundraising pricing).  Additionally, the fundraiser never closes so parents, family, friends, social media contacts, anyone with a pet, can support your fundraiser all year long!  Simply advertise your link.  Lastly, we are giving out scholarships each month amongst active contracted organizations.